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Ensuring Spectre and Street remains the UK's leading estate agent tools.


We're Street Group, and we're on a mission to radically improve the property industry for everyone!

People moving home regularly cite a lack of transparency and a painfully slow process, and that’s often due to the technology in the estate agent’s hands.

For the past eight years, we’ve been working hard to change that. Through the development of our products, we’re successfully achieving our goal of bringing the property industry into the 21st century.

The Sales Team.

As a crucial team in a growing SaaS business, our team is responsible for making sure the number of  customers across our products increases year on year.

We arrange and conduct product demos and solve any queries or concerns customers may have before joining us.

Once a customer signs up with our products, we do a detailed handover with a member of our Customer Success team, to ensure the customer has the best possible experience.

About Spectre.

Spectre is our flagship product; a direct mail marketing tool that helps Estate Agents win new business, and helps people struggling to sell or rent their homes to switch agents.

Over the next few years, we want to move beyond direct mail marketing; to evolve Spectre into a full-service marketing tool for estate agents.

About Street.

Four years ago we started building, our game-changing Estate Agency Software & CRM.

Our goal is to make life easier for Estate Agents and people moving home - to change the way people buy and sell property across the UK.

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Hear what our team says

A few words from our experts on what it's like to work at Street Group.

There's not one person in this company that will not help you when you need it, regardless of what help you require. I think if you are a driven individual and you want to progress your career, I think Street Group is an amazing platform to be able to do that.

Joe Gaudoin
Head of Spectre Sales

Street Group is undeniably a great place to work! The team of talented individuals shares a common passion for delivering the best possible experience for our clients.

What sets Street Group apart is its inclusive culture, welcoming everyone and encouraging continuous learning. Each day brings new experiences, whether from direct teammates, insightful updates from our developers, or guidance from our Co-Founders.

The company's supportive atmosphere encourages personal and professional growth, making Street Group a community committed to innovation and positive industry impact.

Matty Chapman
Business Development Executive

Working at Street Group is genuinely a truly rewarding experience.

The company has a driven yet laid back culture which fosters collaboration and support between colleagues at all levels and encourages all employees to voice their opinion, whether you've been here 2 days or 2 years, which is undoubtedly a huge contributor to our success.

Everyone is welcome at Street Group, there are so many personalities and I genuinely feel like I learn something new every day, be that from direct team mates, bi-weekly updates from our developers, all the way up to our Co-Founders, everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

It is genuinely the most forward-thinking and exciting company I've ever worked for and doesn't look likely to slow down.

Stephen Farrall
Senior Business Development Manager

Street Group values hard work and recognises those that put in the effort - anyone looking to work in a fast-paced environment, accelerate their career and is willing to throw everything they have at what they do, Street Group will put you on the fast track.

The fast-paced environment adds an exciting dimension, making it an ideal fit for ambitious individuals seeking professional growth.

Josh Day
Account Executive

It's just an absolute pleasure to see people come into the company sometimes, it can be their first job, could be straight out of uni, see them grow,  blossom, gain confidence, and then see them absolutely bossing it with whatever it is they're doing and progressing.

Kathryn Sinclair
Business Development Manager

I'm currently in my sixth year at SG, a testament to my genuine enjoyment in working with the incredible individuals who shape the business.  

Having worked in rigid, corporate environments previously, I have a deep appreciation for the collaborative and forward thinking approach that makes SG an exceptional place to be.  

Led from the front by our two Co-Founders - Tom and Heather,  the brilliant minds that make up our award winning culture are constantly innovating and challenging ideas.  

The teams I work with are genuinely phenomenal and always striving to be experts in their field.  The agility displayed in decision-making and execution is truly impressive, ensuring that we always stay ahead in a constantly evolving PropTech landscape.  

One of the key differentiators I've noticed is the freedom to carve your own career path.  Demonstrating the need for a new role or proving the ability to excel in a role is met with encouragement and progression planning - A stark contrast to the constraints often found in corporate settings.

Stella Nicol
Head of Operations

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