Product Team

Building the very best PropTech!


We're a rapidly growing team of over 30 engineers, split into squads, some of whom are cross-functional, made up of Fullstack Developers, UX/UI Designers and Product Owners.

We take an agile approach, incorporating best practices into our day-to-day, as well as staying abreast of the latest tools and technologies to ensure the products remain ahead of the curve.

Our Approach.

Our teams take an agile, incremental approach to software delivery. We build the products as a collaborative effort and maintain a really close working relationship with both our commercial colleagues and our customers.

We're also really keen to ensure we continually improve - we conduct regular retrospectives and approach any issues or outages from a blameless perspective.

We also hold a regular open-invite technical chapter where any ideas for improvements, new tools and technologies can be discussed.

The Product Team

Our Engineering teams are all cross-functional, so each squad has a dedicated product owner, as well as a UX designer and software engineers.

We’re a very collaborative team, working closely with Customer Success, Marketing, Sales and the wider Engineering teams, to determine new product features and manage product backlogs.

We shape and deliver the strategy of our market-disrupting products, aided by the excellent relationships we have with our Spectre & Street customers, allowing us to build products that best fit their needs.”

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Hear what our team says

A few words from our experts on what it's like to work at Street Group.

I love working as part of the Street Group Data team, I get to collaborate with a diverse range people on various products.

We are always looking to innovate, utilising the latest tech, to bring maximum value and impact to our customers and the industry, keeping things super exciting.

The relaxed and inclusive culture at Street Group makes coming to work a joy.

Charlotte Nolan
Product Owner

In the Product team we get to work alongside amazingly talented people across the business to deliver best in class products.

We work closely with colleagues in marketing, sales and support to ensure we understand our customers and they're delighted with the products we build. We have incredible relationships with customers and frontline users too, who we engage with most days to ensure what we're prioritising and building is the right thing built in the best possible way.

We get to work with Engineers and UX Designers who are always pushing the boundaries for excellence and have the autonomy within our product teams to get stuff done.

For a Product person the combination makes for Street Group being a very cool place to work where you are constantly learning and having an impact.

Ben Brown
Head of Product

I love the freedom and sense of limitless possibilities that we have at Street Group!

We're empowered to discover the real problems and opportunities, and to find and implement the right solutions.

It's exciting to feel you're innovating at the cutting edge of what technology can do!

Jamie Redfern
Product Owner

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