Engineering Team

Building the very best PropTech!


We're a rapidly growing team of over 40 engineers, split into squads, some of whom are cross-functional, made up of Fullstack Developers, UX/UI Designers and Product Owners.

We take an agile approach, incorporating best practices into our day-to-day, as well as staying abreast of the latest tools and technologies to ensure the products remain ahead of the curve.

Our Approach.

Our teams take an agile, incremental approach to software delivery. We build the products as a collaborative effort and maintain a really close working relationship with both our commercial colleagues and our customers.

We're also really keen to ensure we continually improve - we conduct regular retrospectives and approach any issues or outages from a blameless perspective.

We also hold a regular open-invite technical chapter where any ideas for improvements, new tools and technologies can be discussed.

Our Tech Stack.

We use PHP & Laravel for both Spectre and Street, and we try to keep up to date with the latest versions of both.

At the moment, we're on PHP 8.2 and Laravel 10 for Spectre and PHP 7.4 (planning the move to 8!) and Laravel 8 for Street. We're also using Vue.js for some of our frontend components, and AWS for our infrastructure.

For our mobile app development, we use React Native, Redux, and Bitrise for our pipeline.

However, we're open-minded when it comes to using whatever tools and technologies are right for the job at hand.

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Hear what our team says

A few words from our experts on what it's like to work at Street Group.

You should apply here if you like a dynamic company. One of the best things about working here is how open the company is. You never feel like, you're not involved in anything. You can take part in anything and it's evolving and moving very fast. If you like a fast paced company, please come join us, and it's fun!

Gerry Mwanyika
Spectre Tech Lead

Here, at Street Group, we do things passionately.

We love the products we are working on. We dream big. And it leads to constant improvement and self-development.

I can see how Street is evolving with time and how it’s getting bigger, more complex, offering more to the customers, and it makes me feel happy knowing I am among those responsible for all the positive changes.

Jelena Skorodumova
Software Engineer

As a Senior Developer, I am able to get involved in a lot of the technical decision making processes. We use our refinement sessions to hammer-out ideas, into feasible, buildable projects.

This collaboration is very rewarding as everyone gets their say and we’re able to discuss points to form solutions. It also means new ideas, new ways of solving problems happen more frequently and things never get stale.

Steven Weir
Senior Developer

I feel like I have a lot of freedom to choose how I want to do something and how I want to it in place. That's allowed me to learn a lot while I've been  experimenting with new technologies. In the teams that I've been a part of, it's always been really easy to slot into anywhere within the business.

Stuart Thornton
Full Stack Developer

Street Group is a great place to work! My teammates are extremely talented and hard working, and we all pitch in to help deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

We’re all passionate about building great products, and also about improving the house buying process in general.

We are given the opportunity to innovate & explore new solutions, and we collaborate with each other to consistently make a meaningful difference.

Jamie Nuttall
Senior Software Engineer

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