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Building the best Property data API in the UK!


We're Street Group, and we're on a mission to radically improve the property industry for everyone!

People moving home regularly cite a lack of transparency and a painfully slow process, and that’s often due to the technology in the estate agent’s hands.

For the past eight years, we’ve been working hard to change that. Through the development of our products, we’re successfully achieving our goal of bringing the property industry into the 21st century.

Data Team.

We're a small team working on some big projects, which means we get to work end to end solving some really interesting problems.

We're also a fairly flat team; everyone gets a chance to chip in with the design, architecture, testing and engineering of our products.

The Team is Greater than the Individual.

Our products power incredible data-driven features in both of Street Group's products: Spectre and Street.

We work closely with both development teams to make sure we're providing the best products and services for our internal stakeholders.

Our Tech Stack.

We use Python for engineering, AWS & GCP for our cloud services, CircleCI and Terraform for our CI/CD processes, and loads more.

We've talked about our current project and tech stack for our Property Data API: Kraken, in more detail here.

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Hear what our team says

A few words from our experts on what it's like to work at Street Group.

My journey with Street Group so far has been great - I have been given lots of autonomy to build some really exciting, state-of-the-art projects.

Additionally, the whole company are really friendly and welcoming (especially all of the office dogs!).

Luke Jenkinson
Machine Learning Engineer

You should apply here if you like a dynamic company. One of the best things about working here is how open the company is. You never feel like, you're not involved in anything. You can take part in anything and it's evolving and moving very fast. If you like a fast paced company, please come join us, and it's fun!

Gerry Mwanyika
Spectre Tech Lead

I have had an exceptionally positive experience working at Street Group.

One of the key factors contributing to this has been the privilege of collaborating with talented colleagues. Their expertise and unique perspectives have not only enhanced my professional growth but also broadened my horizons.

Furthermore, the company's commitment to personal and professional development has provided me with countless opportunities to learn and grow.

Evan Burrell
Data Applications Tech Lead

I feel like I have a lot of freedom to choose how I want to do something and how I want to it in place. That's allowed me to learn a lot while I've been  experimenting with new technologies. In the teams that I've been a part of, it's always been really easy to slot into anywhere within the business.

Stuart Thornton
Full Stack Developer

The passion of the whole team to build something truly impactful is clear to see and I am privileged to have been asked to join the team.

The best thing is there's still so much further we can go with data, putting the best insights in the hands of agents to help them grow their businesses, engage better with their clients and get the inside track on the latest industry trends.

I'm excited for the team and I to bring our ideas to life!

Chris Amor
Head of Data

Working in our data team has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The opportunity to collaborate with talented colleagues and apply cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems is immensely stimulating.

The culture here fosters innovation and continuous learning, which makes every day an exciting new challenge and a chance for personal and professional growth.

Hadi Aggoune
Machine Learning Engineer

What we've been working on.

A taste of some of the content we've created

A Glimpse into the Data Applications Team

Welcome! I’m Evan, Technical Lead for the Data Applications team here at Street Group...